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[45] Temple 寺

Learning Japanese Kanji

All of our Japanese Kanji videos can be seen on our YouTube channel Kanji Memories and its Learning Japanese Kanji playlist. Alternatively, there is a link below to the YouTube video for this particular Japanese Kanji. There is also an embedded copy of the video towards the bottom of the page, but that may not be available on your device for technical reasons. See also the text translations and the Kanji memories memory card.

This is the YouTube link to the Japanese Kanji for Temple.

This is the Kanji Memories 'Memory Card'.

Temple Memory Card

Our new video for the JLPT N2 Kanji 寺 'temple' for teachers of Japanese to use with their students. For links to other videos and resources for other Kanji, please visit https://t.co/WG8SlZieGL
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These are the translations (English, with Kanji, just Hiragana and Katakana, Romanji) used in the video.

"It was the oldest temple in the region."

その地域で一番古い 寺院 だったんだよ


Sono chiiki de ichiban furui jiin dattan da yo.

"I love to visit temples and shrines when I am in Japan."

日本にいる時は、 や神社に行くのが大好きです


Nihon ni iru toki wa, tera ya jinja ni iku no ga daisuki desu.