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[25] Cheap 安

Learning Japanese Kanji

All of our Japanese Kanji videos can be seen on our YouTube channel Kanji Memories and its Learning Japanese Kanji playlist. Alternatively, there is a link below to the YouTube video for this particular Japanese Kanji. There is also an embedded copy of the video towards the bottom of the page, but that may not be available on your device for technical reasons. See also the text translations and the Kanji memories memory card.

This is the YouTube link to the Japanese Kanji for Cheap.

This is the Kanji Memories 'Memory Card'.

Cheap Memory Card

And now the video for the Japanese Kanji for 'cheap' 安 ... Please visit https://t.co/Pp2bwsR83y for extra supporting material. Our memory phrase here is: "A cheap crown does not make a woman into a queen". #learn #japanese #kanji #teach pic.twitter.com/bH7ncS49U0

— Kanji Memories (@kanjimemories) June 20, 2023

These are the translations (English, with Kanji, just Hiragana and Katakana, Romanji) used in the video.

"I found a cheap flight to Tokyo."

東京行きの格 便見つけた!


Tokyo-yuki no kakuyasu-bin mitsuketa!

"Safety is our top priority."



Anzen ga saiyuusen desu.